Victorinox Wine Master Corkscrew Knife, Nogal

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Pocket knife for wine connoisseurs.
Fine wines deserve a tool created to perfection. Meet our Wine Master – the trusted companion for professional someliers and amateur gourmets alike. The viticultural credentials of this product are of the highest quality and give your fine wine the honor it deserves. An extra-long corkscrew with five-turn thread prevents the cork from breaking and a unique combination tool houses a two-step uncorking lever and a bottle opener. The integrated pocket knife has a serrated tip blade cutter and a large locking blade, ideal for cheese or your favorite culinary treats. An intelligent and serious wine expert.

For the wine connoisseur
Swiss-made pocket knife with 6 functions
Contains a two-step lever for removing the cork and a leather case.


  1. big blade
  2. corkscrew
  3. blade cutter
  1. two-step lever
  2. Bottle Opener
  3. ring

Article number 0.9701.63
Height 17 mm
Length 130 mm
Weight 117 g


    Product made in Switzerland.

    Victorinox is one of the main knife manufacturers in the world. Every Victorinox knife is sharpened and produced by Swiss artisans using high quality steel. Furthermore, they are hardened to precise standards and undergo strict quality controls. It is this attention to detail and this commitment that Victorinox has in producing the highest quality cutlery that makes these knives the right choice for cooks and professionals.


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