19 cm black chef\'s knife

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The award-winning Ron collection consists of 4 distinct styles to choose from, to suit a multitude of culinary techniques. And to complement its versatility and “mix and match” principle, the Ron line is designed by BergHOFF's in-house designer, Pieter Roex, who has lovingly created each piece using complementary colors and contrasting materials. versatile knives for the most common cutting jobs in the kitchen. All knives are well balanced with heavy support, providing perfect balance for greater control. Choose from black steel knives with a titanium, non-stick coating, with contrasting ash wood handles or matching black handles. The chef's knife is the most used knife in the kitchen. Upward curved tip allows you to swing the knife for easier chopping on a cutting board. Because of the heavy, wide blade, it is also suitable for light cleavage jobs. The non-stick ceramic coated blade allows for a smooth cut without food sticking to the blade.