Horta Urbana Véritable® Smart Cooper Edition

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Grow your herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and mini vegetables year-round at home and effortlessly.

Don't have a smart garden? Véritable® takes care of everything.

The Smart model automatically adjusts the LED light intensity depending on the ambient light, distributing the ideal amount of light to the plants.

This copper edition features a modern black shell and copper-finished lamp posts.

Color:Black with copper lamp posts

Includes 4 Ground Refills Ingots®:Basil, Crispy Parsley, Chives, Cherry Tomatoes

Dimensions:33cm (length) x 18.5cm (width) x 38 to 45cm (height)

Weight: 1,5kg

Autonomy of the water reservoir:2L

Suitable environment: interior

Food:electric current

Lighting:Low-intensity LED light, no UV radiation

Guarantee:2 years

Origin:Designed, assembled and manufactured in France