NOHC Mate Herdmar - 24 pieces

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Herdmarwas founded thereover 100 yearsand is one ofworld's largest table cutlery producers.

The Herdmar Set of 24 Places NOHC with matte finish has a strong yet soft air, complemented by the nobility and sophistication of its materials.
Processed in an elegant silhouette with injected natural cork handles, it was developed by an innovative and disruptive automatic process, balanced with the knowledge of ancient artisans.

With a remarkable balance, an ergonomic design, it provides, above all, an experience of natural and distinct sensations that will further stimulate the pleasure of each meal.

NOHC, can you feel it?

24-piece set consisting of:
• 6 knives
• 6 forks
• 6 tablespoons
• 6 teaspoons



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