BRAN Composting Accelerator Powder - 3Kg

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Composting accelerator powder consisting of a mixture of bran with molasses and enriched with microorganisms that start the fermentation process in the domestic composter Bokashi Organko2®. 

These microorganisms can be lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, active enzymatic fungi, among others.


  • Biological waste;
  • Composting;
  • Fertilization;
  • Improvements in soil quality.


    • Prevents the appearance of bad odors in the composter;
    • It prevents the decay of waste and, for this reason, it preserves several nutrients, antioxidants and minerals in the compost;
    • Prevents the formation of greenhouse gases - the microorganisms present in this powder process all harmful substances (such as pesticides or other poisons) so that they do not pose a risk to your health;
    • Composting prevents the formation of high temperatures and creates fermentation - by adding the powder directly to the composter it is not necessary to aerate it or turn the compost pile.
    • By using the powder, a fermentation process is developed inside the composter, and the fermented biowaste is the basis for a first-rate compost.


    Sobre o Bokashi Organko 2®:

    It is astate-of-the-art household composterconsisting of an innovative container that uses acompost acceleratorwith microorganisms that make it possible to transform organic waste into compost for various purposes.

    This household composter easily transforms pieces of fruit, vegetables, prepared food scraps, small bones, bread, coffee beans, tea bags, flowers and other organic waste.

        Manufactured in the European Union in accordance with the respective quality and safety standards.

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