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Avental Yako&Co - Vegan Green Forest

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Aprons like you've never seen them!

The leather aprons Vegan gives Your & Cothey are 100% Portuguese and were developed with the everyday requirements of style and functionality in mind, but now in a leather version. Vegan!
Comfortable, durable and very simple to maintain, they are ideal for the kitchen or DIY for enhanced security and a sophisticated touch.

We believe in a better world!

Circular economy, recycling and everything that is environmentally responsible must be considered and is very important, but the best way to take care of our planet is to reduce consumption. Thinking about it, the Your & Co has developed a carrying bag that can and should be used like a bread bag, after its initial purpose!

 Limited to existing stock. If the product is not in stock, the estimated delivery time is15-30 business days.