15cm Black Kitchen Knife

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Black 15cm-blade kitchen knife from the Swiss Modern collection. The blade is fine and precisely sharpened, making this knife an ideal choice for tasks that require detail, such as peeling or removing lumps.

The handle is synthetic, easy to clean and machine washable, it is equally elegant and modern.


  • Blade length: 15 cm
  • Height: 15 mm
  • Liquid Weight: 71g


  • Non-slip handle made of synthetic material;
  • Suitable for cooking at home;
  • Machine washable.

    Product made in Switzerland.

    Victorinox is one of the main knife manufacturers in the world. Each Victorinox knife is sharpened and produced by Swiss artisans using high quality steel. Furthermore, they are hardened to precise standards and undergo strict quality controls. It is this attention to detail and this commitment that Victorinox has to produce the highest quality cutlery that makes these knives the right choice for cooks and professionals.


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