Faca para Filetes KOTAI 18 cms

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Fillet Knife - Designed specifically for filleting fish, the fillet knife features a thin, long, flexible blade that moves easily along the backbone and under the skin of the fish.

It's also easier to debone and skin the meat, thanks to the narrow blade that reduces drag when cutting through the fibrous tissue.

The blade's unique flexibility ensures maximum yield, which means more food with less waste.

Japanese precision, western robustness.

The best of both worlds.

Japanese steel
Perfectly balanced for comfort
Rust resistant
Ultra durable, lifetime warranty

BLADE LENGTH / TOTAL LENGTH. 20 cm (8") / 33 cm (13")

WEIGHT 130 g (4.6 oz)


BLADE ANGLE 15˚, 50/50

BLADE MATERIAL High carbon stainless steel 440C

BLADE HRC HRC 60 +/- 1


MATERIAL CABLE Black Pakkawood hand-polished


* 100% one to one
* Ultra-sharp high carbon Japanese stainless steel 440C
* Black Pakka wooden handle
* HRC hardness: 59-60
* Weight: 189g
* Perfectly balanced
* Stainless steel
* Day protection cover included on each sheet.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the "Tsuchime" (hammered) pattern creates small pockets of air between the day and the food being cut. This ancient Japanese method will reduce resistance, thus preventing food from sticking to the blade.

Forged from high carbon Japanese 440C stainless steel, the KOTAI Santoku will stay sharp longer than other blades. 440C combines a high carbon content for strength and edge retention with the ideal amount of chromium for corrosion resistance.

KOTAI blades extend to the underside of the handle for superior durability and balance.


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