Horta Urbana EXKY - Classic Edition

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The EXKY Classic Edition indoor urban garden is the smallest and most efficient smart indoor garden that allows you to grow herbs, vegetables, fruit vegetables in your kitchen year-round and effortlessly.

It is completely self-sufficient and its compact and elegant design makes it adaptable to any kitchen and decorating style.

Thanks to its technology, the plants grown in the EXKY urban garden grow 3 times faster than in nature, allowing you to enjoy abundant harvests. It also favors plant growth even in kitchens with little natural light.

The indoor urban garden EXKY has a capacity for two Lingots at the same time, that is, two soil refills with seeds.


  • LED growth lights;
  • Automatic irrigation;
  • 100% natural pre-seeded soil refills;
  • Healthy and abundant harvests.

Color:White with white lampposts

Dimensions:20cm (length) x 18.2cm (width) x 37.1 to 45.6cm (height)

Weight: 1,2kg

Autonomyof the water reservoir: 1L

Irrigation system: hydroponics culture

Suitable environment: interior

Food:electric current

Lighting:Low-intensity LED light, no UV radiation

Specifications: Power supply, 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Guarantee:2 years

Origin:Designed, assembled and manufactured in France


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