Mini Round Casserole 12cm Chasseur

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Round mini casseroleideal for making meat and vegetable dishes (for example, stews, stews, risottos, poultry, etc).

With this mini casserole you can grill, boil, bake, brown or simply heat up your dishes, thanks to the properties of thecast iron:

  • Evenly distributes the heat, which allows cooking for a long period of time saving energy;
  • Withstands high temperatures, resisting corrosion;
  • Store the heat and return it slowly, keeping the preparations hot;
  • It is an easy-to-use and long-lasting product.

Cast iron casseroles are an old utensil but one that continues to be successful today due to the fact that cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat.

By gradually diffusing heat, this casserole allows you to cook dishes with precision on all stoves: gas, electric, induction and glass-ceramic.Furthermore, it is ovenable and dishwasher safe.

Size: 12 cm

Capacity: 0,6L

Ideal for: 1 person

Available in

  • Black;
  • Ruby;
  • Blue.

Mark: Hunter

Made in France to the highest standards of food hygiene.


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