Victorinox Altmont Original Deluxe Laptop Backpack Backpack with Knife Bag

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Victorinox Altmont Original Deluxe Laptop Backpack Backpack Set with Knife Bag

The Victorinox Altmont Original Deluxe Laptop Backpack Backpack contains a neoprene pocket on the shoulder strap to carry your Swiss army knife handy
Zippered mesh pocket, key chain, pen holder, ID tag, two accessory pockets and elastic compartment for USB devices
With enhanced shoulder straps and padded exterior for maximum comfort, smart air channels, hem to slide over the wheeled luggage handle and hidden back pocket.

Size 24 x 34 x 48 cm
Capacity 28 l
Weight 1 kg

Available Colors: Blue.


The Cook & Lifestyle Bag / Briefcase is the ideal solution for transporting any kitchen utensil. The ideal bag to put in any backpack and carry your knives/kitchen utensils comfortably and safely.

This bag is designed and suitable for the safe transport of knives and other kitchen accessories. The development of this bag was suited to the needs of professional and home cooks, with high strength for easy and safe transport, as well as better handling and easy cleaning after use in the kitchen.

Developed for knives with blades up to 26 cm. (or maximum knife length 39 cm).


Material and Color: Gray Polyester and Black fabric; Velcro tapes


Open: 69x40x0.3 cm

Closed 27x40x4 cm




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