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The purpose of the pollination brush is to pollinate the flowers of fruit and mini vegetable Lingots®, such as strawberries, mini peppers and cherry tomatoes. Since, in outdoor cultivation, pollination requires the action of insects and the wind, with Véritable this pollination must be carried out using human intervention.


Pollination is the way in which plants can produce fruits and vegetables. This is the fertilization of the flower, that is, the transfer of pollen grains from the male part to the female part of the plant.

In nature, this step is performed by bees and other pollinating insects. Inside, the insufficient air flow and the absence of insects do not allow the flowers to fertilize, so the pollination must then be done manually.

Pollination Brush

This brush is ideal for pollinating your fruit plants and mini vegetables. Its fine and soft fur, as well as its diameter, are suitable for this function.

Gently brush the inside of each flower to transfer the pollen. Also, clean the brush between each plant species to avoid cross-pollination.

Size: 14,5cm

Color: white, pink, black

Material: wood, metal and synthetic fur